“If you're on the water, water, water, water beware. If you're on the water, water, water, water take care” - If You're On The Water by The Saxophones
“The other half led me to be singing this song” - Half About Being A Women by Caroline Smith
“Far from the prying eyes of our friends who came, by the fireflies that show a way. We’re starting to slip away” - 4th of July by Wild Pink
“Oh, milky flowers under the sun and I, the king of nowhere you know I'm still on the run” - Cotton & Velvet - Cotton Jones
"My heart bleeds and I need a friend" Green - Diane Coffee
"I been carved in a fire, I been caught in a fire" ____45_____ - Bon Iver .
"Venez pour rompe le silence, la femme vous tend sa main blache. Si vous la saisissez, ce sera le frisson de votre vie."  Le Femme Resort - Le Femme .
"But if you just wade through the noise, each generation holds a gem" Gets You Thinking - LA Salami .
"Wearing death on a cape or a costume, cut your ties and leave town when you want to" Working Titles - Damien Jurado .
"They got me talking, they got me talking to me the bluebirds. Oh baby, where have I gone?" Cotton & Velvet - Cotton Jones .
"Oh, when I was seventeen my mother said to me 'Don't stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die" 17 - Youth Lagoon .
"It's ok to be this way but you don't have to be forever" Lost - Sorcha Richardson .
"I will wear my brightest shoes, I will smile for all the reasons" Dog Physics - Ings .
"The night wore the rain on her windowpane, drifting us to sleep" Ooo - Karen O .
"I feel my bones, I feel my bones, I feel my bones crack in your arms" Best of You - Blood Orange .
"The sun goes down each time I see the light, I swear it's true" 6am - The Districts .
 "Hey my man, are you even listening" Hey My Man - Babes .
"I know it's bad baby, come on we can dance it off" Lost - Sorcha Richardson
"There are plenty of fish in the sea but you're out in the cold and feeling empty" Somebody To Love - Valerie June .
 "Yesterdays paper, today we make it" Talk 2 - Johnny Sands
 "I'd be happy as hell if you'd stay for tea" 33 GOD - Bon Iver
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